Hand Me a Teacup to Bail Out the Lifeboat

District 1 Representative Peter Svarzbein, who wants to be a County Commissioner when he terms out, was feeling the heat from the budget, so he fired off a salvo in an email last Friday.

You remember.

Our budget that City Council passed this week, is a reasonable, lean and common sense approach towards providing services for our community during very trying times.  Our Mayor and city council have been discussing and deliberating on this budget, in earnest, for over 6 months. 

Well, gee, Mr. Svarzbein, you’ve been in office for almost seven years. Six months seems like kind of a last minute effort. It’s a little late to turn the ship around.

Seems like you could have passed some “reasonable, lean and common sense” policies in all those years you’ve been in office.

We’re you snoozing in a deck chair all that time?

Tommy Gonzalez is keelhauling City Council* over our impending fiscal catastrophe, but he’s the one that’s driving the ship. City Council is just the people who tell them where they want to go. He’s supposed to navigate the icebergs.

*”Throwing them under the bus” would have been mixing metaphors.

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