Let Them Eat Cake

“For anyone to reject this budget is an inappropriate and immature reaction, rejecting the actual and authentic voices of El Pasoans, from across this city, that we as a body represent.”

That’s the message from Mayor Pro Tem and District 1 Representative Peter Svarzbein, in an email to his constituents today.

If you don’t like your skyrocketing property taxes, you’re not a actual and authentic El Pasoan.

Remember, that’s the Mayor Pro Tempore saying that. He’s supposed to represent the whole city, but if you don’t agree with him, he thinks you’re immature.

Inappropriate and immature. At least he didn’t call us Crazies. Or Malcontents and Naysayers.

At least he didn’t say that to our faces, but, come to think of it, neither did Joyce. I wonder what Mr. Svarzbein says about us behind our backs.


  1. That was obviously a deliberate dig at the Mayor who has now vetoed the budget, not that I believe either one of them gives a rat’s patoot about us taxpayers. One way or another they will find another way to increase our taxes, and we will continue to pay for all the mistakes of the past, since so few of us bother to vote in this town. When are people going to wake up to the fact that we in the entire nation (not just El Chuco) are and have been under minority rule for many years?

  2. Well when you are paid for, you have to do what the people who buys you off tells you what to say. Don’t worry there is enough paid off people on city council to overturn the mayors veto like they did when he was in office before. Didn’t you know you don’t have a say when it comes to CO debt.

  3. I like Peter but he never saw a vanity project he didn’t like. You’d think an architecture school prof would understand that a trolley that goes nowhere will lose money, even though it “reminds us of who we are,” to paraphrase his praise of it.

    Yep, it reminds us that we are broke, and trying to squeeze blood out of a rock.

    1. The problem isn’t that we don’t elect nice people. The problem is that we elect people who are out of touch with the needs of most El Pasoans. Either they don’t know, or they don’t care, or they don’t know and they don’t care.

      I bet Mr. Svarzbein would make a good bartender. Let’s give him a chance at a new career after he terms out.

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