Mea Culpa

I shouldn’t put all the blame for city governance on bad intentions. I’m sure that almost everyone involved wants the best for El Paso.

And a lot of good people are just doing fairly difficult and thankless jobs, following orders and trying to put food on their family’s table.

Some people don’t have the luxury or ability to do critical thinking, so they accept what they’re told with no choice and without too much analysis.

Some, maybe most, of you readers probably think I’m an angry old constipated jerk, lashing out because my hemorrhoids are inflamed and I can’t get laid.

Well, that’s only partly true.

The truth is that I believe there are some opportunists in that flock of the well-intentioned. Some people who think they can make a buck while benefiting El Paso, and if they can only achieve one of those goals, they’ll take the money.

They think we’re stupid, and that insults me.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t want my negativity to harsh anyone’s mellow. But it’s hard to be upbeat about sociopaths pillaging the village. Sometimes critical analysis means being critical.

I feel like, with the exception of some teevee stations, the local English language media aren’t critical enough, so maybe I overcompensate. Again, they’re good people doing a difficult job dealing with complex agendas they might not fully understand.

So if I’ve hurt your feelings or harshed your mellow, please accept my apology.

And have a good day.


  1. Don’t know whose feelings you hurt, but keep doing what you do. Many City employees do a good job within a system that breeds inefficiency. It’s the prevailing sense that that Council knows what’s best for we peasants that gets me. This Council had been better than the previous one, but the arena decision hurt their record. It’s one step forward, two steps back.

  2. I guess it’s worth it, reading about your remorse, if we can continue to see ads to fix them hemorrhoidal fissures….yeah, baby. Targeted ads are the best. Come on Rich, don’t unflex your own powerful brain muscle and turn it into a mound of mush. El Paso needs that continued long goal goosing.

    1. Is Google running hemorrhoid ads now? I should write about mail-order brides, or yachts and jet leasing, and up the ad quality on this site.

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