Sentinel Tower Update

They’re bringing it. Pretty soon you’ll be able to see it from El Paso.

It’s the Torre Centinela. You remember:

The building will have 1,791 automated license plate readers. 3,065 pan-tilt-zoom cameras. 74 drones. Live feeds from cameras owned by neighborhood businesses and residents. Biometric filters running constantly to support facial recognition. Connections to infrastructure throughout the city.

Those monitoring tools and many others will be embedded in Mexico’s Torre Centinela (Sentinel Tower), a nearly $200 million, 20-story surveillance colossus situated in Chihuahua, a Mexican state running along the U.S. border.

“in Chihuahua, a Mexican state running along the U.S. border?” It’s just a smidge over 2000 feet from the border. Less than half a mile. And it’s supposed to be 20 stories high. With sophisticated surveillance technology.

They’ll be looking up your old address. They’ll be reading your mail.

It’s right there by the old downtown bullring. Ferrocarril and Abraham Gonzalez. 2,000 feet and a smidge from the border.

There are two big cranes on the job site, and cranes aren’t cheap, but I haven’t seen them in action much.

But it’s getting there.

They’re past the demolition and excavation. They are actually building something there. Some metal frame that they’ll encase in concrete.

Work like that can either go fast or slow. But pretty soon you’ll be able to see the edifice rising, even from the El Paso side of the river.


  1. Do you know if this will be an office building police, etc? Or just a giant, vertical “data center”?

    1. I believe that the 3,000+ video screens will be monitored by real, live, flesh and blood. I don’t know if it will also be a police substation.

  2. The Sentinel can be seeing coming in at Loop 375 East! It will rise to twenty stories tall! But what is not indicated is how many feet high? Further down southeast Juarez construction of the 31 story torre Quantum.
    That will be the tallest building in all the border region! It’s a Spy tower indeed!

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