We Should Have Elected This Guy

From an El Paso Inc. interview:

Q: People say El Paso’s taxes are among the highest in the nation, though that’s probably the combined property taxes of the city, county, school district, community college and the hospital district. Budget season’s coming. What do you want to do about taxes?

Well, I don’t want ’em to go up; that’s the bottom line. Given the revenue estimates, we’ll have to budget accordingly.

No, I’m not in favor of increased taxes. Everything you’re saying is correct, and we’re going to be heading into two different utilities wanting rate increases. We’re going to have to get into that and determine how it’s going to be handled.

That was mayoral candidate Dee Margo.

Oh, wait. Never mind.


  1. He went to Austin and slashed funds for public schools. He takes over the EPISD and what does he do? Leads a scheme to stick homeowners with a “facilities improvement” boondoggle that will SIGNIFICANTLY raise taxes. This guys not a Republican or a conservative or anything but a false prophet, a fraud and deceitful, untrustworthy slinky politician. But hey! Voters get the slime they voted for.

  2. I moved into the neighborhood about 10 years ago. I am an interloper and barely white trash but I thought if I lived near Ann Morgan Lilly and Dee Margo I would somehow be transported into the fast track. One morning I was walking my dog about 6am. I walked by Dee’s house and he was in his front yard picking up the morning paper. I gave him a hearty good morning and looked at me like I just shit on his front porch. Then I noticed most of my neighbors behaved like this. It’s ok. Shapleigh did the same thing to me. Then I noticed that nobody seems to actually live at Beto’s house. And Bob Moore always keeps his shades drawn. No sunlight ever enters his house. So much for transparency. I believe we have been invaded by pod people. YOU’RE NEXT!

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