How Bad Are Things, Really?

We’re got a mayor who gets elected by promising to “hold the line on taxes,” and his first month in office, he pushes a plan to raise taxes by as much as he can without triggering a rollback election. City Council goes along with him by a 7-1 vote.

Obviously we’re not getting the straight dope. Either El Paso is a vibrant, growing economy, or we’re in a hole, trying to dig our way out.

I can only speculate what the problem is. Are our “leaders” sucking up to the developers at the expense of the citizens? Are there secret deals in place that makes the burden inevitable?

I’m not seeing any effort to curtail expenses. Every time I pick up the proverbial newspaper, i.e., turn on my computer, I read about some new boondoggle that’s going to cost the taxpayer another million dollars.

Are we trying to fill an inside straight by betting that industry will be attracted by cosmetic improvements?

Yeah, that’s really gonna work.

Someone’s stupid. I hope it’s me.

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