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El Chuqueño has been agitating for sensible government since 2012. We’ve gone through a lot of changes since then, and we’re looking at more changes in the near future. And we’re thankful to you, as readers, for being part of it.

But we’d like to do more, and to do that, we need more. More readers. More articles. A greater scope.

Unfortunately, that takes money. Money is what we don’t have a lot of.

You can help. If each of our readers donated just a little bit each month, El Chuqueño could talk a little louder and maybe get more people to pay attention, and maybe, maybe, we could get local government to start making sense.

So please, donate today via that little Donate button on the right sidebar.

Thank you.


Rich Wright
Editor and Publisher
El Chuqueño


  1. Thanks for the reminder. First donation was a couple of months ago. Keep up the good work!

    1. I think it’s Mina. About south of the Methodist church. I’ll take you if you want to go.

  2. l’m gonna touch ’em all in one shot: l’m going to donate DESPITE the fact that you recommended ‘The Fisherman.’ That movie was truly ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ quality. lt was 20 minutes long but it only felt like 1200 seconds. l was hoping the guy was going to enjoy some space alien sushi but l guess it just wasn’t meant to be. l loves me some lucha libre. lt’s a shame that l have to work today otherwise l would go watch some L L. Lucha Underground is THE wrestling show to watch. Dee Margo – he’s spent his entire adult life being a sleazy weasel , so why should he change now? This is sort of deja vu-ish, meaning that 3 seconds after Leeser got elected he approved massive spending, but at least Leeser had the “decency” to be ambiguous on the local issues. Finally, l notice that you’re wearing a wedding ring. You mean to tell me that wifey allows you out of the house with that hat? Oh, relax. l’m just…..kidding!?

    1. She says I can wear the hat as long as I wear the ring, in the hope, I imagine, that both will make me less attractive to other women. So far, it seems to have worked.

  3. Rich, thanks for the intel. I got down there Sunday afternoon and found the hat shop right where you said it would be (on Mina South of the Methodist). Picked up a nice palm, not identical to yourn…

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