Tommy Gonzalez Is Pissed Off

Here’s what City Manager Tommy Gonzalez said in an interview with CBS4Local:

Gonzalez also listed iFly and Top Golf as some new venues to come to El Paso. But he added he wants El Paso to get more. He referred to the college town of Lubbock having Main Event. The venue has party rooms offering bowling, laser tag, mini-golf, an arcade and American fare, according to its website.

“Lubbock is a third of our size, that’s where I was born and raised. That should piss you off that they’re not here so that’s what gets me up in the morning in El Paso cause I stay pissed off on things that people don’t understand,” said Gonzalez.

It kind of pisses me off that Mr. Gonzalez is not still in Lubbock (with his family).

El Paso is not Lubbock. El Paso is not Dallas, or Austin, or Houston, or Albuquerque or Phoenix.

In Lubbock County, the average property tax rate is 1.754%, compared to 2.128% in El Paso County, according to Other sources put El Paso’s property tax rate closer to 3%.

Mr. Gonzalez reminds us that we may lose him.

“If you won’t play by my salary at that time next summer next year when they vote on that, if you want to get rid of that then fine. I’ll go somewhere else, but you won’t have this leadership and place,” said Gonzalez.

I wish him well in his future endeavors.


  1. Got hisself some chutzpah don’t he? ¡Sin Vergüenza! How long has he been making those big bucks here? And, he still doesn’t know El Paso?! We do not need, nor can many of us afford those high dollar entertainment venues! Back when it was easy to cross the border we had weddings and quinceañeras to go to, and all kinds of family things to participate in, and we never gave a thought to pissing away our money of frivolous and expensive toys and bangles and gew gaws. I’ve said it before, and here I go again: Dump the City Manager form of local government, and go back to a strong Mayor form (only, stop electing eedjits like John Cook, and Oscar Leeser, and Dee Margo).

  2. Tommy is a fear baiting person . I worked for the City and would be in multiple meetings with Tommy . He routinely talked down to people in a way and with language that would easily get him fired had it been public . He treats department heads like they’re his slaves. It’s sad because he will give lessons on how El Paso is a “top 20” city and he always repeats that but it is so misleading . Once someone said that our metro area (the actual things that matter for population) is actually more like 80th and he lost it and acted like they had sinned . He’s only fooling himself . Sadly , he might be the best we have as CM , they are hard to come buy . But I wish he stopped kidding himself and his staff.

  3. i surmise he is handicapped just like the episd superintendent claims. those are characteristics of an emotionally disturbed person. schoolyard bully. he wont come shop with me at food king im sure.

  4. Why does El Paso keep hiring these non El Pasoans! There are some positions that need to be handled by native El Pasoans, and this seems to be one of them.

  5. Tommy Gongalez – Just what do you do? If you include all of the benefits you receive and your salary, do you realize you make MORE than the President of the United States. Please remain mad and LEAVE my home town.

    By the way, have you been to the El Paso Animal Services recently. It is filthy!! Also, the animals are being fixed, ears clipped and then turned out so young, they cannot even hunt to survive.

    This is NOT a not kill facility it is torture for the kittens. And probably the puppies as well.

    1. C’ya felisha. You came home n, did nothing, wanted to much. Take your mayor and majority of council.
      Oh and don’t let the door hit where the good lord split you.

  6. Maslow’s Hierarchy. El Paso has regressed. In the 80s we had thriving orchestra, ballet, 8 or 10 theater groups, etc. The we began losing our light and medium manufacturing to Mexico. We lost Levis, Wrangler, Peytons, Farah and the end….El Paso Natural Gas.
    So we are starting over. Struggling with high utility rates, taxes, and until recently, high unemployment/underemployment.

  7. Gonzalez has forgotten, or tried to erase, his Last Stop. Yes, the city of IrvingTX. He was FIRED: Malfeasance, SQUEEZING Vendors, bribes being taken. Sports tickets left under his door mat. I urge anyone who reads your blog to google “Tommy.” It’s Not is not a pretty picture . He was in bed with The latest whore. Anyone remember Larry Romero and his brother John? John was/is just a bookkeeper. Not a CPA. Not an attorney. Just a bookkeeper. And despite Tommy’s tangled web of finances and deceits, John “only” charged $100. Wow! What a deal. Now Tommy is threatening to leave El Paso. PLEASE Leave! He is s fraud and a Phony. I’m sure there are places that would love this Tio Taco. Fresno. Detroit. Sioux Falls. Buffalo, I could go on forever. This Fraud and Juan Cabrera could go on as packaged deal. 2 Tio Tacos for One! Everyone must go! 75% off. This month only! No Refunds. PLEASE take Larry Romero as a bonus. On “sick leave,” but at the Masters at Augusta BUT still collecting a paycheck. Courtesy of the Citizens of El Paso. Having his his Street paved. I could go on with Romero and Tommy. Just Leave. Any young, hungry, humble Millennial will do 1,000% better than Tommy Tio Taco, and his cadre of boot licking West Siders.

  8. I wonder if the part in that interview where he elaborated over how “he” changed the plan to build pools into water parks, constitutes a violation of the voter’s intent in the bond issue since that choice has caused cost overruns and operating costs that are driving tax increases. When I grew up, I played in a sprinkler (in south Florida heat) and didn’t have a problem with it at all. It was what we did in the 60s back when property taxes were low and folks lived within their means. The Rec center had a pool, but my backyard, my friends’ backyards and my grandmother’s backyard were more interesting places to play with friends as a kid. It amazes me how much entertainment it takes to keep kids happy now.

  9. Hey Tommy G. when you leave El Paso for good, make sure the door at city hall hits you directly on your sorry crying game ass.

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