The Cost of Living Well

Apparently our elected officials of the County Commissioners Court are giving themselves about a twenty percent raise next year.

This Public Notice (above) appeared in the August 20 print edition of the El Paso Times.

I guess the County Commissioners figured that no one reads the print edition of the El Paso Times, so they’d be safe.

The Court is bumping the Judge’s salary by $26,401, to $131,481. The Commissioners are each taking a pop of $21,154, to bring them up to $114,902. Everyone else, from the County Tax Assessor/Collector to the Constables, is getting a raise of at least 20%, except the County Attorney and the Sheriff, and they’ll be making $192,912 and $$169,687 respectively after their relatively measly salary increases.

The per capita income in El Paso County in 2017 was $19,950.

Of course, our elected officials need that money to keep up with their ever-increasing property taxes.

How about you?


  1. Wow! Just wow! Have they not a scintilla of vergüenza? This is nothing short of disgusting. Worse, the actual workers for the County never get much above $25-30,000 per annum. Anybody wanna buy a nice little 3 bedroom house on the far east side of El Paso?

  2. City Council got a similar indexing scheme approved by the UTEP for Beto voters in the last election so I suspect we’ll see their salaries jump soon as well.

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