F is for Forget About it

This just in, from the El Paso Times:

The El Paso Independent School District is the only public school district in the county to have institutions receive failing grades from the state for the 2018-2019 school year.

While the the El Paso Independent School District earned an overall B, three of its campuses earned F grades from the Texas Education Agency, which released its 2019 accountability ratings Thursday. This is the first year the state gave letter grades to both districts and their individual campuses.

Alta Vista Elementary, H. R. Moye Elementary and Schuster Elementary received Fs for the 2018-2019 year. Alta Vista went from a score of 81 in 2018 to a 59 in 2019; Moye from a 78 to a 57; and Schuster from an 82 to a 57.

Low percentages of students that master or meet grade level expectations was a major factor in the failing grades. About a quarter of students in the three schools meet grade level expectations, compared to the district-wide average of 47%, according to TEA data.

Wait a minute. Forty-seven percent gets the district a B? They must be grading on a curve.

Remember that Mayor Dee Margo was the Chairman of the Board of Managers that appointed the current EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera. The Mayor has a record of incompetence. (I just thought I’d throw that in here.)

If you were moving your family to a new city, would you choose one with a new, state of the art, Children’s Museum, or a city with great public schools?



  1. But, but, but Rich. If we build it, they will come! The Baseball Stadium. The Trolley. The Duranguito Stadium……what else can Margo pull out of his ass to hoodwink the Natives? Will they bring back Bread & Circuses……

  2. I don’t know all the details obviously but does the report detail how many kids at each school English is their second language? How many are in the first year or two living in the US? If you get a lot of kids trying to learn English and take tests at the same time native English speakers take it, well I would expect poor results for those compared to native speakers. If I took tests just in Spanish I would fail miserably. Ultimately, this could be the districts fault somewhat, could be we are a border town with a porous border, could be both. How will we know?

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