Our Taxing Politicians

You read here that email that Max Grossman sent out, decrying the proposed $10 increase for cars registered El Paso County. That money would go to the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority.

Now we know what they are trying to spend that money on.

House Bill HB1379 proposes to allow a Regional Mobility Authority to develop and operate “an urban green space or aesthetic enhancement located above, adjacent to, or connected to an interstate highway.”

That is, the deck park.

The bill was sponsored by the El Paso House delegation: Lina Ortega, Claudia Ordaz, Joe Moody, and Mary Gonzalez. If you live in El Paso County, you get to vote for one of those politicians. Or, you’ll get to vote for their opponent in their next election.

Do you think that your Texas House Representatives care about you, or only their rich campaign donors?

Increasing the fees for vehicle registration is a regressive tax, i.e., it hurts poor people more than it hurts rich people. You pay the same registration fee whether you’re driving a 20 year old Chevy or a new Mercedes. If you’re driving a new Mercedes you probably won’t sweat an extra $10 a year, but if you’re driving a 20 year old Chevy $10 might be a big deal.

And every car in El Paso County? That adds up to some real cheddar.

Remember, MountainStar CEO Josh Hunt has been talking about putting a soccer stadium over the freeway since 2016.

From the caption on this CBS4Local.com news story from May26, 2016:

“MountainStar Sports group CEO Josh Hunt told CBS4 he would like the stadium to ‘cap the freeway,’ or sit above Interstate 10.”

[That item used to be in the news story itself, but it has since been relegated to a smaller font as the caption to the story. How’s that for journalistic ethics? How long before it disappears from the caption?]

Not only did the City of El Paso buy MountainStar Sports Group a new ballpark for their baseball team, the City is also subsidizing the ballpark’s upkeep every year.

Now they want us to build them a deck park so they can put their soccer stadium on. They’ll probably also want us to build them a stadium.

Do you think that your Texas House Representatives care about you, or only their rich campaign donors?


  1. The GOP should look to El Paso as a model of how to control Democrats and get them to do what you want.

  2. I hope local partisans, including libertarians, recognize what’s happening in the Tx Lege, particularly about renewing corporate welfare . https://www.texasmonthly.com/news-politics/texas-democrats-lege-unity/?utm_source=texasmonthly&utm_medium=email&user_email_address=6a2130cf3ffe1948f5a339eb68ff7fef4b6f32ee7f2cce5c2b5042e9f851b404&utm_campaign=TM%20Today%205-15-23&utm_term=TM%20Today “Take House Bill 5, which resurrects the corporate welfare program known as Chapter 313. On paper, the program provides tax incentives to attract companies to relocate to or expand in Texas; in practice, much of the money goes to businesses that would have moved to Texas anyway. The Dallas Morning News editorial board recently slammed Chapter 313, saying, “We need to let 313 fade away, so cities stop taking money from homeowners’ pockets to lure companies that are coming here anyway.”

  3. JerryK has it right, and Kathy is only scratching the surface of the crap they are putting over on us because people across Texas just won’t stop voting for republicans. Locally, while we say our politics are not Dem/Rep, the reality is that the local scene is all about the money. They got it. We don’t. And, they ain’t lettin’ none of it go, but they’ll keep on takin’ ours.

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