Can I get some more money over here, please? I’ve squandered the money you already gave me.

Do you think the only problems at the El Paso Independent School District are ageing infrastructures?

And do you think, if we give them two thirds of a billion dollars, they’ll fix any of their other problems, or will they just be worried about building new schools for their decreasing student population?

Better to let them tighten their belts a little and fix what they can before we give them an increase in their allowance. Otherwise they’ll never learn to behave like adults.


  1. I am so glad that I don’t live within the confines of the EPISD. That said, once again, your post is spot on, dude. I wouldn’t want it to go to your head, but I think I enjoy your blog more than any other others I read every day. Granted, that list has shrunken a lot, as I culled some of the worst ones, but yours has moved very high on my list of daily reads. Keep up the good work and keep up the fight, Richi.

  2. Exactly! A shiny new exterior will not fix the intrinsic problems. Public schools must put all of their resources into addressing the unique needs of our El Paso kids. If they were asking for money to lower classroom size, provide continuing education for teachers, to develop programs based on sound pedagogy I would be on board. We need to first address issues of poverty, and support the kids by involving the communities that they identify with. And if this bond passes….imagine who will be winning the building contracts.

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