This Week in the Blogosphere

This week in the blogs:

DavidK at RefusetheJuice and Jaime Abeytia of the LionStarBlog re-engaged in their long-running cat fight. This week Mr. Abeytia sent Mr. K an anonymous email claiming that County Commissioner Vince Perez’ cabal was running a candidate for mayor.

After Mr. K reported the rumor, Mr. Abeytia revealed the ruse with the flourish of an actual video, and Mr. K responded.

Do you remember that Mr. K and Mr. Abeytia once had a real boxing match for charity? Those were the days, when bloggers could step out from behind their keyboards and have it out like, well, men, sort of.

The ElPasoNews.Org blog which, paradoxically, originates in Florida, has requested electronic communications from County Judge Veronica Escobar concerning her denouncement of El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen’s statements about the Black Lives Matter movement. She’s stonewalling.

And over at, Mr. Powers takes the El Paso Times to task over their new found regard for speed bumps after lighting the torches and sharpening the pitchforks when former City Representative Larry Romero campaigned to have speed bumps installed in front of Cathedral.

Did I miss anything good?

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