What Could We Do With $180 Million?

If we spend $180 million for a redundant arena, that’s $180 million we can’t spend on something else.

Some people don’t get that. They think the taxpayers’ pockets are bottomless.

One thing we could do is give $100,000 to the best teacher in the city, every year. Or the best two teachers in the city. Or the best five.

We could give $100,000 to the best five teachers in the city for 360 years. We could do it forever if we invested the principle.

With an incentive like that, how long would it be before El Paso had the best teachers in the country?

And how long after that before people started moving to El Paso for the schools?

And how long after that before businesses started moving here for the people?

Or we could take that money and put it into a bottomless pit that will never show a return.

What do you think the City could do with $180 million?

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  1. Bonuses for the teachers ? Good idea but like anything else in EP that would become part of corruption scandal.

    The money should go to massive rework of all the streets and alleys. Help neighborhoods spruce up. Get rid of the Ghetto lights on our highways. If you must decorate then get some real lamp posts. Pay the police some decent wages and better equipment in the cars. Put in drains in areas that flood every year. Combine all city offices into one building. Set up a hotline for reporting corruption with generous rewards.

    Buy all these joke of officials a bus ticket out of the county !

  2. As mentioned above, giving teachers money for “best” is going to lead to corruption. Heck, none of the districts can handle their budgets already.

  3. We wouldn’t have to let the districts pick the candidates. Someone else could decide. Would you rather have an arena that will cost us millions of dollars each year in Operations and Maintenance costs?

    If you want to complain about possible corruption, you’re missing the bigger point: Spending $180 million on an arena provides no benefit, and that’s $180 million we don’t have for other, more worthwhile, projects.

  4. IT’S FOR THE KIDS!!!! How will our children understand the gnawing despair of crippling debt if we don’t give it to them now. This what responsible parenting is all about.

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