The State Law Regarding Public Private Projects

To tell you the truth, I am getting issue fatigue deciphering all the lies and half-truths that are being promulgated out there in the cybersphere.

But here’s the State Law regarding public/private partnerships, which I believe the City used to rush the ballpark boondoggle through.

I’m not sure the City dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s to bring this project around. (Did they give 45 days notice to allow competing proposals to be presented? Did they have to? I dunno.) Too bad there’s not a responsible public newspaper in El Paso to explore all this stuff. Or even an online independent news source.

Here’s a prescient article in the El Paso Inc. regarding this new state law.

I think the City did themselves and the public a disservice by not being more transparent and open about the process, but they were certainly abetted by an acquiescent Fourth Estate.

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