Orion and Us

Tonight, when I took the dogs out, low in the sky on the east end of our street was Orion. As he lie on the horizon, a jet pierced his chest. A bullet through the heart of the universe.

Orion was the first constellation my kids learned. He reigned the sky over the ranch in Ft. Davis. A nightly sentinel reminding us that in this transient world, some things are constant and enduring. As is the goodness of mankind.

In a 24 hour news cycle world where bad news commands attention and garners clicks and viewers, it’s easy to forget that for every evil individual and horrendous act, there are millions of caring individuals performing acts of kindness every day. And that is what truly defines us.

At the end of the walk, as we re-entered our street, there was Orion, high in the sky. The warrior had taken the shot and risen, resilient and beautiful.

And that is what truly defines us.


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