Sunday Matinee: Kurmanjan Datka, Queen of the Mountains

Here’s a movie from Kyrgyzstan. Who would have thunk it?

Here’s a quote from the Hollywood Times:

[Sharon] Stone called the film a “revelation” as an exciting historical epic that relates the true story of Kyrgyz noblewoman Kurmanjan Datka, who is revered by her nation to this day for her diplomacy. Datka managed to help pull together the warring tribes of Soviet Central Asia and save Kyrgyzstan from total destruction when the Russian imperial forces attempted to conquer her country in the 1870s. No stranger to strong female roles herself in notorious films such as BASIC INSTINCT, Stone praised Kurmanjan as a woman who believed in her destiny and had the courage to act upon it.

Broaden your horizons so you can chat up that Kyrgyz girl in your theoretical physics class. Or maybe you’ll bump into her at Walmart.

Check it out.

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