Judge Meachum’s Decision

On October 4, the Honorable Amy Clark Meachum of the 250th Judicial District Court in Travis County, Texas, ruled on the City’s appeal of her prior decision, which stated that the City of El Paso’s Multipurpose Performing Arts Center couldn’t host sporting events. Here’s what she decided:

I’m no lawyer, but it looks pretty solid to me.

You have to wonder how long the City will keep beating its head against the wall fighting this. They should gracefully admit defeat and move on. Their continued recalcitrance only benefits special interests and hurts taxpayers and the political futures of the politicians.

Sometimes you have to put your ego in your backpocket and move on.

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  1. There will be an appeal after appeal until they win. Tax money is paying for court sessions and the millionaires, developers and bag man can’t afford to have a loss set precedence thus losing the choke hold they have.

    With time, the drone voters will forget and re-elect all of the puppets. Build then and wait till the time is right. Then renovate for use as a sports arena.

    The voice of the fat lady hasn’t been heard yet.

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