Breaking News: Dogfight at City Hall

The celebrated decision to relocate the arena to the Civic Center site has met unexpected resistance from downtown real estate speculators.

They seem stuck on the wrong-headed conclusion that a downtown arena will add value to their hotel projects.

Obviously they haven’t been reading El Chuqueño. If they had, they would realize that El Paso doesn’t have the discretionary disposable income of Oklahoma City. They would realize that economists agree that sports facilities aren’t worth a community’s investment in them. They would acknowledge that tax incentives shift the tax burden to the citizens of the El Paso, and hurt local small businesses.

As the famous Jewish philosopher said, “There are none so blind as those that will not see.”

Anyhow, they’re sharpening their knives for a showdown at tomorrow’s City Council meeting.

You should go. Sounds like it’ll be fun.

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