You Messed Up

Mayor Dee Margo, who promised during his campaign to “Hold the line on taxes,” thinks you’re not paying enough in taxes.

From KVIA:

Margo believes the sale price of a property is way higher than CAD’s appraisals.

. . .

He said with all the growth and businesses coming in, he would expect that to be higher.

“It’s very frustrating to us, as we look around, and as I talk to other mayors — from other cities — and look at their, in some cases, double-digit increases,” Margo said. “Some municipalities gave tax reductions which is exactly what we would like to do if we truly had fair market value.”

Yeah, all that growth and businesses coming in.

I guess he believes the stories he’s been telling us. That’s a bad sign. He should walk around downtown and look at all the empty storefronts. And maybe he forgot that the City incentivized “all the businesses coming in.” A healthy economy wouldn’t have to beg businesses to move here.

I think maybe Otter said it best:


  1. What a pompous a-hole! But then why should anyone be surprised. He always was a pompous, self-serving jerk yet the majority of 2% of voters voted for him knowing he’s the one that first pushed raising taxes at EPISD.

  2. We were downtown just last Saturday, and that was the main thing I noticed. Blocks of boarded up store fronts everywhere I looked. Despite all their wild claims, DTEP is *not* thriving and growing and developing! And, this Mayor is just like his predecessors, except now he is starting to look desperate in his efforts to seek Niland’s infamous “new revenue streams.” Time to stop the runaway spending, mkay?

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