1. Nobody WANTS to use public transportation. FACT: Everyone riding a bus wishes they had a car. Attempting to convince people that they should have LESS freedom is a non-starter. Almost no one promoting public transportation uses public transportation.

    1. People in Berlin, and Dublin, and Boston, and New York all use public transportation, and they don’t wish they had a car. El Paso is built for cars, so the bus service sucks. Hence, people prefer cars. Don’t be so narrow minded that you can’t see other truths.

  2. When I lived in Chicago 1969-1972 I rode the El to work – public transportation. I hated it but a car would have been even worse. One reason why we didn’t stay there. My most memorable experience was climbing the stairs to the upper platform at the Howard Ave El stop on a frigid morning. There were two swinging doors at the top of the stairs and a man was behind one of them. He was draining a half pint of vodka, threw the empty over his shoulder and proceeded to the train where he entered the motorman’s compartment, i.e., he was the driver! I went back down to the ticket booth and reported what I saw. The agent gave a shrug and went back to her duty.

    I waited for a few trains to pass before I finally boarded one.

    1. I rode the El a couple of time when I was in Chicago hustling tequila. The train was like the United Nations. Walking through a car you could hear 5 languages.

      It was great.

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