Who Will Isabel Salcido Represent?

If she’s re-elected?

This notification appeared in today’s City Council meeting agenda:

For notation pursuant to Section 2.92.080 of the City Code, receipt of campaign contribution of five hundred dollars or greater by Representative Isabel Salcido in the amounts of $500.00 from Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP; $1,000.00 from J. Kirk Robison; $2,500.00 from Stanley P. Jobe; $1,000.00 from L. Frederick Francis; $2,500.00 from Gerald Rubin & Stanlee Rubin; $1,000.00 from Adam Z. Frank & Dana M. Frank; $5,000.00 from Robert L. Bowling IV; $5,000.00 from Randall J. Bowling & Paige Bowling; $5,000.00 from Paul L. Foster; $2,500.00 from Maria F. Teran; $500.00 from John C. Karlsruher & Mary Eileen Karlsruher; $5,000.00 from Woody L. Hunt & Gayle G. Hunt; $2,500.00 from Demetrio Jimenez; $500.00 from Rogelio Lopez; $1,000.00 from Donald R. Margo II & Adair W. Margo; $2,500.00 from Raymond Palacios; $2,500.00 from Douglas Schwartz; $1,000.00 from Jack Chapman.

That’s a lot of cabbage from people who make a lot of money via the City’s largess.

Real estate developers. Contractors. Builders.

And some, I assume, are good people.

Since Rep. Salcido’s election in 2018, she has voted to authorize $389 million in Certificates of Obligation. COs are debt that is issued without voter approval.

Ms. Salcido will face former Texas State Representative Joe Pickett in the November, 2022, election.


    1. Just by copying the URL of each article and posting it to the social media of your choice.

  1. Such large contributions to a candidate for City Council is – to say the least – highly questionable, and certainly suspect. I would not expect much from her is she was my rep.

  2. Is Salcido on the take too? because the money numbers on this article look very similar to the ones Lizarraga received according to the city website campaign disclosure info. Or maybe the whole council gets bought out, just to cover all possible loose ends. LOL.

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