1. Ironic Rich, I just saw “Battle for Algiers” a few nights ago. Then, last night I saw “The 317th Platoon,” which was based on the last few days of the French Colonial “empire” in Indochina (Vietnam). I am still trying to get “Days Of Glory” but only Fandango online carries it and it keeps making me re-sign…long story, forget about it. But, most importantly it reminds me of what is going on in Gaza, The West Bank and Israel. When a country is “invaded,” and turned into 2nd class citizens, people Revolt. It took both Algeria and Vietnam over 100 years to liberate themselves. Many Jews–especially your pal Max Grossman will disagree, but I find the parallels going on in that area virtually the same. “Days of Glory” reminds me of how the Ethiopian Jews are being treated in Israel and especially former soldiers. While I’m at it, why doesn’t Israel acknowledge our Armenian Genocide? Asking as I am the Grandson of an Armenian Genocide survivor (Adana, Turkey), who after being orphaned, found himself in Juarez and owned Curlely’s Club for over 40 years. Along with his buddy, Mr. Sookiasian, who owned Tommy’s Rendevouz.

    1. When all the stars align, synchronicity style, I am convinced that I am on my proper path.

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