“What Do Your City Tax Dollars Get You?”

Here’s a little video from the City of El Paso, explaining where your tax dollars go.

Now all those people who move into the new houses covered by the new TIRZs will be getting all those things, too, but they won’t be paying for them. You will.

May I suggest you add personal lubricant to your shopping list?

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  1. Thanks. I was fully prepared to quietly go home, get stuck on I-10 for an hour, hit a dozen or so potholes on Mesa, be totally confused by Stanton street and drive by the fabulous Cincinnati street entertainment district that’s in its fourth or fifth construction reimagining. I was even prepared to deal with the 100 year old clay sewer main in front of my house that against all conventional logic is causing shit to run uphill. But now you’ve got me pissed. I’m gonna cut somebody.

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