We’re Number One!

No, not for some made up cost-of-living click bait. For taxes!

Property tax rates for industrial properties, to be specific.

Among the 50 largest cities in the U.S., El Paso has the highest tax rate for industrial properties, according to the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. (Right here, page 84.)

Apparently this is a key element of the City of El Paso’s strategic plan.

No wonder our kids can’t find good paying jobs here. Good paying jobs aren’t part of the plan.

But I’m assured that lots of the people who use the swimming pool on the west side like it.

Too bad for you if you don’t use it.


  1. The City certainly tries harder! When we are dealt that bond rating downgrade by Moody’s we won’t be able to provide water to the westside swimming pool and the other new aquatic center. Here we go…

  2. Look, notice the pattern? When city council comes under budget scrunity and it’s disasters, we start seeing news about some new title ! It’s a distraction for the masses. Make them believe that we are better off then the reality.

    Btw, check around. Just depends on which survey you review. San Antonio and Arlington are listed as cities where you can live comfortably for under $50,000. Times didn’t tell you that.

    The city has a PR firm on retainer to search for titles and ensure we get selected. Remember when, cook was supposedly one of the greatest mayors ? Remember when the city got caught in the lie that we were the safest city in the US. That’s was a lie, so it was spun as the safest of whatever. Irvin California had the title for many years. We were had the title !

    Fox News tried to spin the bs again. Until it was revealed once again it just depends on the survey. In 4 out of five surveys, El Paso was NOT the safest city ! Only in one.

  3. Today CC approved Capital Funds and HOT dollars when the stadium is short every year. Bankrupcy looms. Stockton California? .61 on each pension dollar?

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