Welcome to the Apocalypse

It’s happening.

This was the sign taped to the door of the Pat O’Rourke Center today.

Sorry for the Inconvenience, Suckers.

Meanwhile the trolley glides by as empty as the Flying Dutchman, now till 3 o’clock in the morning.

Whose bright idea was that to run the trolley till 3 o’clock in the morning? Is it to get the drunks in Kern home from the Kentucky Club?

The City is poorly managed.


  1. It seems as if no expression of anger, disdain or disgust is likely to move anyone who makes these decisions. It is as if public opinion counts not one iota. I’m stunned daily by the way our city government is run. Yes. I realize that we are in a capitalistic society and that capitalistic institutions exist to build and maintain our infrastructure. I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine with is the lack of transparency. Why do we not have easy access to see requests for proposals? Why are we not able to view all bids, even after they are already awarded? I certainly understand that not every decision our city’s management makes need to be pored over by every citizen. I understand that not everyone is qualified to make those decisions. I even understand that many are not all that able to fully understand such decisions and their impact. Still, decisions to fund projects as major and impacting as the trolley, should be publicized in the sense that we should be able to see every vendor or construction company involved. Is it preposterous for us to want to know how much those entities were paid? When a park has been under construction, and thus parts of it have been closed for over a year, is it truly too much to ask for a taxpayer to know when it really should be finished. Are there no penalties assessed to the construction company or department if the projects are not finished within the proposed limits? Is it somehow crazy for us to expect accountability for meeting deadlines? It does not strike me as unreasonable to have a portion of the city’s website to access all the information mentioned above at any time. Is that really such an outlandish request?

    1. I admire from afar those willing to stay in El Paso and fight the corruption and incompetence of city government. I got into it with Svarzbein on the phone from San Diego a few years back over his duplicitous incompetence. What a waste of bandwidth. Keep up the good fight, Rich. And good luck.

    1. Greg, perceptive comments! Are you willing to devote some time and talent into action for change? If so, contact Rich about the next CFC general meeting. Kathy

  2. Shit Rich. I thought you were just kiddin’. I saw the wine spritzer and figured “this guy can’t be serious”.

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