Water Parks = Economic Development

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

From CBS4Local, in a story headlined New El Paso waterparks bringing economic growth to the city:

Four new water-parks are coming to El Paso, which means more jobs. The City of El Paso tells CBS4 they’ve been working towards a greater economy for the city and these new water-parks will just help that growth.

“City Council has been very focused on the economic development of our city,” said City Engineer Sam Rodriguez.

The FY2019 Budget says five water parks, but I bet Mr. Rodriguez knows what’s going on.

Positions the city is looking to fill for the parks are lifeguard positions, concession workers, security guards, management positions and more.

“We’ve prepared a budget that’s going to be submitted to city council for approximately 200 jobs that will be associated with the operation of the water-parks,” said Rodriguez.

Lifeguards and concession workers. Mr. Rodriguez says that City Council thinks that economic development means jobs as lifeguards and concession workers.

The City is spending $37 million to create 200 jobs for lifeguards and concession workers.

The City thinks you’re stupid, and the City is not afraid to let you know that they think you’re stupid.


  1. Not economic development, especially when it’s more government jobs. Which means more taxes to pay the low income wage earners.

    1. And what happens to those 200 workers during the OFF season of about five or six months? They can join the citizens whose property taxes were used to build the parks without voter approval and without 2012 bond justification and they can stand locked outside the fence and peer into their silent designer theme parks.

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