Was Lost Dog a Referendum on City Government?

Max Grossman points out the the ballot ordinance to save Lost Dog got more votes than Mayor Dee Margo did in his last election.

The Mayor opposed the preservation of the open space. Opponents got their asses handed to them by a nine to one margin.

Is there a chance that City Council might reconsider some of their unpopular positions? Like cramming the Mexican American Cultural Center into the Downtown Library? Like offering Great Wolf Resorts $40 million cash, and an option to buy an $11 million parcel of land for $10,000 to open a hotel water park here? Like raising our property taxes every year since Mayor Margo has been in office?

The Mayor and City Council have a lot of explaining to do. I’m afraid their “come to Jesus” moment has already passed.


  1. You would think mayor and council would reconsider these things knowing an election is coming up for 5 members of council.

  2. Margo and his Merry Band of Fiscal Illiterates have been busy digging their own graves while whistling their happy tunes. Margo never spent a second attempting to build any good will with El Pasoans. He is and always has been a useful idiot for the Borderplex Alliance, Foster and Hunt.

    If he unwisely chooses to run for another term as mayor, he will be eviscerated, disemboweled and have what’s left of him laid out in the streets for the pigeons to eat. Figuratively speaking of course.

    He is not well-liked or respected outside his little circle and that much will be clear come election day.

    Michiel Noe, an alumni of the most recent incarnation of City Council was soundly beaten by Arthur Fierro because El Pasoans are fed up with spineless City Reps that ignore their own constituents while robotically marching to the orders of the mayor and the wealthy elite who contribute to their campaigns.

    This is what the remaining council reps have to look forward to.

    1. Now, Mike, if you want to recall the members of City Council, you’re going to need a petition, and the City moved the elections to November just to boost the threshold for the number of signatures required. So a petition will take some work.

      I’d rather just spit in their soup till they come up for election again, and vote them out.

      1. Rich, be a shame if they come out one morning and their vehicles don’t work. Or someone calls out SWAT because of the drugs in their homes. I whipped Margo’s ass over an insult of my father many years back. Would Love to do it again, except now he has the entire PD behind him, or somewhere. Can we piss in their Wheaties and hock into their soups?

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if those bastards would finally pay attention? This rubber stamp style of local government is gettin’ old, and running us straight to bankruptcy.

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