“Bienvenidos, Heather Wilson”

Here’s a letter of support for UTEP’s new president Heather Wilson from retired judge Luis Aguilar that appeared in the El Paso Times:

In response to a small number of individuals who have been quite vocal in their opposition to the new president of the University of Texas at El Paso, I sincerely believe they do not represent the overwhelming majority of El Pasoans. 

Well, that is undoubtedly true.

But likewise, the few supporters of Heather Wilson’s appointment do not represent the majority of El Pasoans. The majority of El Pasoans have never heard of Heather Wilson. They don’t know about Heather Wilson, and they don’t care about Heather Wilson.

UTEP’s next president is off their radar because they are worried about getting to work in the morning and paying the rent.

I’m sure that the number or people who support Heather Wilson is dwarfed by the number of people who oppose the Kochification of our community’s schools. More than 10,000 people signed a petition in opposition to Dr. Wilson’s appointment.

Mr. Aguilar failed to report how many people support Ms. Wilson’s appointment as president of UTEP.

So maybe he’s just blowing smoke.

God bless him.

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  1. Ignorance is all they have. The people who oppose THE UTEP new president MS. Heather Wilson.
    I served my country honorably for 4+2 years in the US Navy. I can pretty well bet that the people who signed the “petition” were literaly coerced or just plain ignorant of ANY KNOWLEDGE of whom they are opposing. The just sign because some “friend” told them to do so. I grew up in El Paso and know plenty about it. I spent the needed years at UTEP AFTER SERVING MY COUNTRY. Got my business degree with a major in Computer Info. Systems. Learned about the DIRTY POLITICIANS AND LIARS who try to make themselves look good by putting others down. Those, who signed the petition, are SIMPLY LOSERS! The tail wagging the dog. I WELCOME A GREAT CANDIDATE WITH A VERY IMPRESSIVE RESUME THAT PLACED HER IN CHARGE OF IMMENSE ASSETS IN OUR COUNTRY. THE Texas group that placed her there are EQUALLY GOOD PEOPLE WITH NOTHING BUT FORWARD LOOKING intentions and reasons for selecting this fine president. Thank You, God Bless and God help those who criticize to UNDERSTAND HOW WRONG THEY ARE FOR JUDGING WITHOUT FULL KNOWLEDGE and with zero legitimate facts. ONWARD AND UPWARD MS. WILSON!!! ONWARD AND UPWARD EL PASO!

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