Vote Now. Vote No.

If you didn’t vote in Early Voting, today is your last chance to cast you ballot.

City Council wants you to give them authorization to borrow $413 million to build the things they’ve been neglecting.

Our City Government has been throwing money at things like the streetcar, and water parks, and the Great Wolf Lodge, but they haven’t been taking care of the things we really need, like streets and our public safety infrastructure.

And there’s no guarantee that they’ll spend the latest bond money on the things we need. They’ll likely squander it on more glitzy baubles.

It’s like City Government spent all their lunch money on candy and cigarettes, and now they’re hungry.

Now is the time to show City Government some tough love. Now is the time to show City Government that they need to live within their means.

Now is the time to vote NO ON PROPOSITION A.

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