Vote No. Vote Now.

The police and fireman’s unions are going to go big to the polls. They want new stations and Lazy Boy recliners with the massage option.

Okay, the Lazy Boys aren’t on the ballot, but like they said, City Council is going to spend that money however they want.

The rest of the ballot is a mess. Practically the only way laws get passed in Texas is via constitutional amendment. Most of the amendments are meaningless to me. I won’t cast a vote either way on most of them. The rest of the ballot is not going to motivate voter turnout.

But let me remind you. Our local City Government has been spending money on stuff we don’t need, and now they’re asking us for a bunch of stuff that might be reasonable. Or maybe not.

But $413 million? Couldn’t we get by with a little smaller bond?

Early voting started yesterday and runs for about two weeks. The last day to vote is November 5.

Let’s reject this one, and make them come back next election with a better offer.

The City thinks we’re easy. We’re not.


  1. I did indeed vote against this one. And, until the elected officials remember who and where they are, we all need to keep on voting against their ideas, and push for them to learn to live within our very limited means!

    1. I agre with you on this one. Typically bond issues are for important project that the community wants and needs! Constituents are asking for new police & fire stations. If there is such an urgent or emergency need, that means that the city leadership has no strategic plan or framework to guide them, and it spells trouble for a city that needs better leadership not only in terms of city council but city management.

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