Tobacco in Mexico

Here’s one you didn’t see coming.

From the New York Daily News:

Mexico now bans smoking in hotels, beaches, parks and all other public spaces — one of the world’s strictest laws of its kind.

The General Law for Tobacco Control reform, which took effect on Sunday, also prohibits businesses from promoting, advertising or sponsoring tobacco products, including putting them on display for sale. The law expands a 2008 ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and workplaces. Similar restrictions will fall on e-cigarettes and vaping.

I’ve been waiting for science to lick cancer so I could start smoking cigarettes. Come on, it looks cool and it gives you something to do with your hands when you need something to do with your hands. Like, when you’re not crocheting.

At the Buen Tiempo (likely the oldest bar in Cd. Juarez), the bartenders regularly stand in the doorway to get their nicotine fix. I guess that will have to change.

When the cigarette ban hit El Paso bars, many customers rejoiced. Some rejoiced because now they could go stand outside with the other refugees and smoke weed.

Or so I’ve heard.


  1. If caught, the week smoker could say, “Hey isn’t this New Mexico?” Just like the old Quarter Pole….I guess one can vape discreetly.

  2. Geez, I even bought a Cuban Cohiba at the Pink Store last month, but I waited until I was home to smoke it on my back deck along with a glass of rum. I wouldn’t want to be thrown into a Mexican jail for any reason.

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