This Week in the Blogs: 04.Nov.16

Here we are again.

The effervescent DavidK at RefusetheJuice wants you to know that the latest El Paso City Government fiasco is not the City Manager’s fault.

Here’s the bottom line. The city in this project simply acts as the bank for the project. The Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) is running the project, approving pay requests etc. The city received an approved pay application from the RMA and dully paid the bill because…. IT WAS APPROVED BY THE RMA!

Oh, yeah, and there was some minor ($300,000) bill that the City got scammed out of, but three hundred grand is small potatoes for our local government entities.

Over at the LionStarBlog (“El Paso’s premier source for insightful policy analysis with in-depth coverage of local, regional, state, and national politics”), Jaime Abeytia scolds Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller for calling Hillary Clinton the c-word. And rightfully so. There’s no room in political discussion for ad hominem attacks, unless, maybe, you’re calling someone antisemitic.

Speaking of which, in another post, Mr. Abeytia also talks about the Fenenbucks Controversy, which I covered here.

And over at the endlessly amusing (and I do mean endlessly) ElPasoNews.Org, Martin Paredes launches a t-shirt line, bemoans how people are always picking on him, and hashes out the presidential election with perennial Republican candidate Barbara Carrasco. And there are also probably some other posts which slipped through the cracks.

At ElPasoSpeak, Brutus and various guest editors take to task the El Paso Independent School District for deficiencies in their bond proposal and the El Paso Times for a perceived bias in their editorial coverage, and gives a County Commissioner a pat on the back for familiarization with the applicable law concerning the Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Policy Board.

Did I miss anything?


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