Location, Location, Relocation

The City of El Paso has promised to relocate residents living in the neighborhood in which the downtown arena will be built.

From a story in the El Paso Times:

“Everyone impacted will be relocated in accordance with the law,” City Attorney Sylvia Borunda Firth said. “It is absolutely our goal to negotiate in good faith with property owners to reach agreement on purchase prices. We will work diligently to develop a relocation plan that works for each situation, keeping those who want to remain downtown in the area.”

Perhaps Ms. Borunda Firth is unaware that the law is a heartless bitch.

According to the Central Appraisal District, there are houses on Chihuahua Street that are valued for less than $50,000.

According to the real estate web siteZillow.com, there is one house in the 79901 zip code listed for less than $100,000. It’s on San Antonio Street and it lists for $89,900.

There’s a house in the 79902 zip code for $77,000. Or the City could buy them a pup tent and a lot on Crazy Cat for $77,040, if we can get the tent for $40.

As willing and well-intentioned as the City may be, they live in an alternate reality. There’s just not a house in or near downtown for sale for what the homeowners are likely to get from the City.

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