The Winds of Change?

The primary elections are over.

Incumbent Vince Perez lost his Precinct 3 County Commissioners seat. And James Montoya, veteran District Attorney Jaime Esparza’s pick to replace him, lost his bid to continue Esparza’s legacy as DA.

Last January, Claudia Rodriguez beat the oligarchy candidate for Claudia Ordaz Perez’ vacated seat.

The County Commissioners Court voted to reverse their decision to let the Downtown Management District sink its claws a little deeper into Segundo Barrio by incorporating South El Paso Street into the Downtown Historic District. I’m not sure what that was all about, but it looked hinky enough that something must have been crooked. I reckon it had something to do with the international Paseo de las Luces development that has always been doomed to fail.

The Fats put lots of money into those elections, and their investments didn’t pay off. They’re probably huddled under some overpass drinking quarts of Natural Light this week, pitching pennies.

The changing tides also mean that some of the other investments the Fats, and their down market cohorts the Pleasingly Plump, have made are looking more dubious. Like Downtown Revitalization. A soccer team. Real estate speculations on the fringe of downtown.

The City Council seats of three of the mayor’s lapdog Representatives are up for grabs in November’s election, as is his Mayorality himself.

Most, if not all, of the plans of our Benevolent Overlords were predicated on their control of local government.

That’s looking a lot less like a sure thing these days.


  1. Rich, this is such good stuff and I’m so, so happy about it. Looking forward to Mayor Carbajal. Is the arena a done deal now that the Texas Supreme Court refused to look at the case?

    1. There’s still a Temporary Restraining Order in place because the arena opponents are arguing that the archeological survey was inadequate, but the opponents have exhausted all other legal options. All we have to rely on now is City Government realizing that the arena is not a good idea. I have no confidence that they’re that smart.

      1. All three of the mayoral candidates other than Margo have stated they are opposed to the arena. So my guess is that there’s a good chance it can still be killed as long as Margo loses in November.

        1. One of those candidates initially supported it. He said he wanted to see Lady Gaga there with his daughter. And he’s supported by the people who brought you the QoL bonds in the first place.

          I guess now he’s just being political.

          1. Good point. Maybe he’s seen the political winds change and now opposes the arena. Or maybe he’s lying. Regardless, let’s say 2.5 of the candidates oppose it. So I think there’s a good chance it dies after November.

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