The Suspense is Over

First it was the mystery mailers, and teevee ads, urging voters to support their “leaders”.

Then it was that email from Woody Hunt to his minions, asking them to vote for Dee Margo.

And now, the suspense is over. Paul Foster has let us know who his choice for mayor is.

Over the weekend, an ad appeared in both the El Paso Times and the El Paso Inc.

Dear Friends,

I write you today to ask you to do something that I believe is critical to the future of our great City. I am asking you to vote to reelect our Mayor, Dee Margo.

. . .

In my opinion, Mayor Margo’s leadership will continue to move us forward and continue the momentum and growth that El Paso has experienced over the last several years — intelligent growth that we need to stay competitive, to continue to bring companies and jobs to our City, and to provide a better quality of life for all El Pasoans.

. . .

Thank you,

Paul L. Foster

The City, under Mayor Margo, has helped Mr. Foster get even richer than he already was. The City traded 2,313 acres around the golf course in Northeast El Paso for 44 acres on the freeway. The City gave Mr. Foster $16 million in tax incentives for his Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park. The City granted Mr. Foster a 50 year TIRZ for his proposed development out there on those 2,313 acres around the golf course in Northeast El Paso, because, come on, what are friends for?

So maybe Don Pablo is just trying to pay Mayor Margo back for all his honor’s largess. What does Dee care? It’s not Mayor Margo’s money. It’s tax money.

Dee Margo is Paul Foster’s mayor. Dee Margo is the mayor of the special interests. He’s not your mayor.

Mayor Margo, and Cassandra Hernandez, and Henry Rivera, and Sam Morgan, are looking after Don Pablo’s interests. And what’s in Don Pablo’s interests means higher taxes for you.


  1. No big surprise, right Rich? Margo hasn’t done shit for El Paso except make his wealthy friends wealthier……I guess his opponent is the “Leeser of two Evils,”……..Don Pablo will soon own a Ghost town….

    1. I resent your referring to me as Don Pablo. My street name is Pablo Foz. Everybody loves me… I philanthropy.

  2. Voted early because of a situation that came up. I can guarantee you that Margo didn’t get this vote. He’s a slimy creature out only for himself.

  3. This is is why I voted for Veronica Carbajal! A candidate with integrity and who won’t be beholden to millionaire developers. A candidate that will work for ALL El Pasoans! A candidate, who is done with business as usual! #veroformayor

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