The Oligarchs are Trying to Steal This Election

First it was that dark money campaign to “Support Our Leaders”.

Now it’s this email from Woody Hunt.

From: Woody Hunt <>
Date: October 12, 2020 at 2:47:06 PM MDT
Subject: Dee Margo for Mayor


Dee Margo has been a tireless public servant as our Mayor. He has faced an Immigration Crisis, the Tragedy of August 3, and the current pandemic of COVID19.

Mayor Margo has managed all of these challenges with courage, leadership, respect, and most of all – with the love he feels for our community and the residents of El Paso. 

If you think back to where we were prior to Dee Margo being elected Mayor, we were a community stuck in neutral-many of the Quality of Life Bond Projects from 2012 had been put on hold, our public infrastructure was crumbling, and economic development efforts were stalled. 

When Dee was elected, he immediately went to work holding the line on taxes, passed the largest Public Safety Bond in the history of our community; and created thousands of jobs for our citizens, including the most recent Amazon announcement of a Fulfillment Center in El Paso. 

Despite numerous challenges, Dee has continued to move our City forward. 

[Here there were links to a couple of videos.]

Early Voting starts tomorrow, Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

El Paso deserves More-We need Mayor Margo for Four-More Years.

I encourage you to forward my message to your family, friends, and associates and ask them to do the same.


Woody Hunt

Mr. Hunt is feeding us lies. If Mr. Hunt knew much about finance, he’d know that passing a huge bond is incompatible with “holding the line on taxes”. And I have to think that Mr. Hunt knows something about finance.

If Mr. Hunt read El Chuqueño, he’d know that Amazon is building distribution centers all over the U.S., and Mayor Margo probably didn’t know about the fulfillment center in El Paso County till some reporter asked him.

Mr. Hunt would know that under Mayor Margo’s leadership, the City of El Paso has issued $200 million in Certificate of Obligation debt that wasn’t approved by the voters.

That’s not “holding the line on taxes”.

Mayor Margo isn’t holding the line on taxes. He’s holding the taxpayers’ heads underwater.

The City and the oligarchs are lying to us about Mayor Margo’s accomplishments, the same way they lied to us about the Quality of Life bonds, the ballpark, hotel taxes, and economic development. They are trying to suck all the blood they can from this turnip.

You know, they wouldn’t be able to lie to the citizens if El Paso had an effective press. Investigative journalists. Honest reporters. But that boat left the dock a long time ago.


  1. End oligarchy rule in El Paso. Do not vote for candidates that receive money from Hunt, Foster, etc.
    Dump Margo, Hernandez, Morgan, and Rivera. Re-elect Alexsandra Annello and elect Aaron Montes.

  2. Stop corruption in City administration.

    Get rid of Tracey Jerome, Cary Westin, Dionne Mack, Laura Cruz Acosta, Karla Nieman and Tommy Gonzalez, the ones who are really pulling all the strings in City government, not City Council and not Mayor Dee Margo.

    The office of Mayor has been weakened through the change to the current City Manager form of government. Go back to a mayor/city council form of government and send the lot of them in the City Manager’s Office packing.

    If you really want to stop the current corruption in City government, know who really pulls all the strings.

    1. I agree, but our voice is our vote, we don’t vote for city manager & staff. It is our elected mayor & council that hires them, so vote an informed vote.
      One thing I find puzzling, why does the mayor & council direct staff to research & “come back with recommendations “? The Lost Dog issue is an example of what happens when staff is doing the research, thankfully Peter Swartzbein did his own research so their recommendations weren’t put to a vote.

      1. I know Laura Cruz-Acosta and worked with her for years before she became a city employee. She is definitely and absolutely not corrupt. I also know that the City of El Paso is very lucky that she is willing to do that job. And as to City Haller’s comment, I am fairly certain that Laura is an El Paso native, and if not, she has lived in El Paso for most of her life.

  3. So what? This man sent an email, you promote a blog? I don’t understand the difference. That white man is not entitled to his opinion, but you as a white man is? Help this brown man understand.

  4. Mark Pumphrey is 100% correct. The City Manager, City Attorney, and their crew are all slime. None of them were born in El Paso. They all came to El Paso to become thieves. All they do is pay themselves huge salaries and bully City Staff. They force out staff members that don’t pay humage to them. Just look at Ben Fytte, the Museum Director. Ben played their game and got his reward. It is all public record. All you have is look.

  5. The main thing Margo has accomplished is to funnel public money to Hunt and Foster under the guise of QoL. That so-called “multi-purpose arena” is just another sports venue for a Mountainstar team that we pay for. Then there is the new Hunt tower downtown. How much of that are we paying for?

    The three of them are a cabal that perpetuates the local Reverse Robin Hood economy that privatizes public assets for their benefit. Vote for anyone but Margo.

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