The Robots Have Come for Your Job

I came home the other day and some guy was messing with my gas meter. Turns out that Texas Gas is installing new technology.

The new meters, the guy told me, don’t need a meter reader to come by and record the dials.

“A truck just has to drive by,” he said. “Up to a mile away.”

The technology isn’t particularly new. As far back as the aughts, the Electric Company would install a telemetry meter in yards with bad dogs, for instance. But they still needed a meter reader to come up to your fence.

Is the El Paso Electric Company using these same type of meters these days? Seems like I haven’t seen an EPEC meter reader for a while.

You’re probably next.

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  1. I heard that the Electric company had been granted the right to upgrade the electric meters so that people can read how much electricity they are using. But the downside is they are expensive so the customer is going to have to pay for them. Nice huh

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