Six Feet High and Rising

Well, lookie here.

The dead tree edition of the El Paso Times reports that our County’s Hospital District is raising taxes on us.

I know what you’re thinking. Those poor County Commissioners. How are they going to be able to afford all the tax increases they’re foisting on us. I mean, they’re not exempt. They pay taxes, too.

Well, don’t you worry about that. The Commissioners are getting big, fat, 20% raises this year. They don’t even have to do anything.

They’re good at that, not doing anything.

The salaries of the County Commissioners, and the County Judge, are pegged to the salaries of Commissioners and Judges in other, more prosperous, Texas counties. Indexing their salaries was a gift from our immediate past County Judge Veronica Escobar. Judge Escobar is now Congresswoman Escobar, so she didn’t get that big, fat, raise our current County Commissioners got.

Pity, that.


  1. BOHICA. Now we breathlessly await the school district increases, the community college increase, and a rate increase on all utilities. I forget anything? By the way, about EPCC, is it true that the bond to get the first campus built actually stated they’d never tax El Paso homeowners?

    1. Rod, not to my recollection. The EPCC taxes have been a part of my property tax bill since its inception. Personally, I have no problem with it since I am a proud graduate of that school, and I built a career on the education I received there.

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