More Water Parks Boondoggle

Max Grossman recently brought to light the uncomfortable fact that the water parks are losing millions of dollars every year. You can read about it here.

Funny, innit, that the City of El Paso can afford those Quality of Life boondoggles but can’t afford to maintain our streets?

But let’s not forget that we’re not just paying for the operating shortfalls of the water parks. We’re also paying for the bonds that were sold to finance their construction. $12 million was originally allotted for “aquatic facilities” in the 2012 bonds, but City Council voted to pitch in another $25 million in Certificates of Obligation for the water parks. Because we weren’t losing enough money quick enough already.

City Government just comes up with one great idea after another.

I’d say the City of El Paso is on the road to insolvency, but the road is more like a superhighway.

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  1. I am very surprised that the summary of the money losing water parks DID Not include the cost of utilities. Namely, Water. Litigation over water rights in New Mexico regarding the Rio Grande is headed to the Supreme Court. How is this going to play out in 3 to 5 years when El Paso runs out of Water? Another shrug of the shoulders from Tommy Gonzalez because it is not his money and he already has his $425,000+ ironclad contract along with his $1,000,000 that he negotiated with City Council.

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