1. Thanks Rich. I hadn’t seen this since it first came out (over 50 years ago!): a perfect end to a week of the 3-part Ken Burns documentary series. Terrific actors…. Lee Marvin being his usual obnoxious self, Vivien Leigh sounding like Blanche DuBois, Jose Ferrer playing the nasty fascist, etc.

  2. Loved Lee Marvin in “Gorky Park” and “The Big Red One.” Great tough-guy actor in the mold of Harvey Keitel and Clint Eastwood.

    1. I’d like to hang out with Lee Marvin, Robert Mitchum, and Bobby Darin.

      I mean, not now. Back in the day, when they were all still alive.

  3. Mitchum opposite German Kurt Jurgens in the 1957 war film, The Enemy Below – a duel between an American destroyer (Mitchum as captain) and Nazi U-boat (Jurgens). I have the DVD. After both ships are sunk in the fight, the two share a cigarette on the deck of an American rescue ship. Great guy flick but not for a date. For that show her Tuscan Sun or Roman Holiday.

    PS. The cast of Enemy Below were chosen to make a point that the krauts were just doing their job in WWII and now we’re all bros. The U-boat XO was Jewish actor, Theodore Bikel. Priceless, but still a good flick.

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