Mo’ Money

Did you see this story on KVIA about Cohen Stadium?

A windstorm damaged the shade canopy structure [at Cohen Stadium] again this past January and so far, no repairs have been made.

. . .

“So I want to make that very clear that the funding is not there right now. Even with the insurance claim, even with the insurance amount that we have, we will not have the entire amount of money that we will need to complete the project,” [Deputy city manager of Public Works and Transportation Khalil] Zaied said.

Those tattered tents blowing in the breeze kind of gives Cohen a Pirates of the Caribbean vibe.

We’re strapped. We spent all our money on those Quality of Life bond projects that were underfunded, and the Operations and Maintenance of those QoL projects, and now we don’t have any money to maintain the facilities we already have.

Or to fix the streets.

City Manager Tommy Gonzalez got us through the first couple of years by aggressively cutting the fat (and some of the meat) from the city budget, but now there’s nothing there left to cut.

Mayor-elect Dee Margo promised to “hold the line on taxes, complete bond projects on time and on budget and support fully funding public safety.”

Also, unicorn burgers, peace in the middle east, and free lunch.

I reckon if he wants to keep those promises, he’ll need to find a second job. Something that pays really well.

Maybe he’ll pull a Delorean.

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