Mexican Tiger Trap

La Polaka, Periodismo en Caliente, reports a wave of retaliatory violence in Western Chihuahua following the arrest of the drug lord El Tigre. From October 28:

Chihuahua Governor Javier Corral announced the capture of the capo nicknamed El Tigre, head of the drug plaza in Cuauhtémoc.

In the operation, a Jeep Cherokee, eight rifles, two handguns, a grenade launcher, twelve clips and a thousand rounds of ammunition were confiscated.

Then, from November 1:

The vaunted capture of El Tigre, boss of the Gente Nueva cartel in the Cuauhtémoc plaza, has been counterproductive for authorities by increasing the terror caused by organized crime.

The wave of violence against the police has intensified, and this morning a city policeman was shot down dead in Ciudad Guerrero.

At the same time, a police commander from the Álvaro Obregón police station was kidnapped.

And from November 2:

Another city policeman was added to the list of agents exterminated by the underworld this week.

A policeman from Colonia Rubio by the name of Alfredo Martínez Resendiz was picked up this afternoon when he left his house in Anáhuac. The wife of the unfortunate man said the bad guys arrived in police uniforms and shot up the house before taking him.

Now might not the be the time to take that vacation to the Mennonite villages you’ve been planning.

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  1. OMG!!! Thanks for the info. I am moving back to Oaxaca on November 29th which has its bad moments but not to this degree! Hey Mr. Trump, the Mennonite Cartel has its share of Bad White Hombres.

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