Mayor Margo, I Apologize

Yesterday I called the Mayor a liar because he made the following statement to his constituents regarding the City’s population growth:

“. . . between 2012 to 2017, among the major cities in Texas, the top six, El Paso and one other had the highest population growth.”

Lying is when you willfully misrepresent a falsehood as the truth, and I thought that Mayor Margo’s misrepresentation reflected his contempt for the citizens of El Paso, and specifically those in attendance at District 4 Representative Sam Morgan’s meeting.

Of course there are lots of other explanations for Mayor Margo making a claim that is unsupported by facts.

He could have been drunk. Or he might be senile. (Prolonged alcohol abuse can do that to you.) That might also explain some of his other decisions, like support for the Great Wolf Lodge swindle and the El Paso Electric Company’s $30 minimum bill for rooftop solar customers, and his opposition to the Lost Dog Trail open space initiative.

Maybe he was misinformed, despite this chart from the City’s FY2019 Budget Book, which shows that El Paso’s estimated population has declined since 2012.

Or maybe the mayor’s just dumb.

(Next I’m going to have to apologize to all the drunk, senile, and dumb people out there.)

I assumed too much when I said that Mayor Margo was lying, and, for that, I apologize.


  1. Apology accepted. l know you’re trying to confuse me with your charts, graphs, and numbers, but l see through your trickery! Now you made me forget what l was going to do. Oh yeah, l’m running for Mayor! My campaign slogan will be if elected, l’ll pay your local taxes for the four years that l’m your Mayor. Now all l need to do is figure out how to come up with 5 billion. lt’s a good thing l didn’t make any plans this weekend.

  2. How many mayors has El Paso had that become rich because they married into rich families/rich wives? Jonathan Rogers, Fred Hervey, Dee Margo…

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