Let’s Build Something Shiny

Do you really think that all of the problems at the El Paso Independent School District will be addressed with the approval of a $669 million bond?

The top-heavy administration. The low test scores. The micromanagement in the classroom. The waste. The bureaucracy.

Shouldn’t the EPISD address the problems they have before they ask us to approve that massive bond?

If they don’t fix what they can now, do they have any incentive to fix it after they get hundreds of millions of dollars?

They don’t want to make the tough decisions. They want us to finance their mismanagement. There are structural issues that a new layer of wallpaper, or a new coat of paint, won’t address.

And I’m not talking about the buildings.

What major changes have taken place since Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia was convicted? Sure, they got rid of a few administrators, the ones who were indicted.

They cut out the rotting flesh, but they didn’t cut the fat.

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