Last Week, City Council Raised Your Taxes

As I mentioned last week, but this time from the El Paso Inc.:

The price that El Paso Electric must pay the city for use of its streets is going up by more than $5 million – to a grand total of $27 million.

El Paso City Council approved the increase Tuesday on a 6-2 vote. The $5.6-million – which amounts to a 1-percent hike in the utility’s franchise fee – will be passed on to utility customers who live within El Paso city limits starting in May.

What happened is that, because of the new lower federal corporate tax rate, El Paso Electric had to reduce the rate they charged consumers for electricity. Your city council representative thought that the city should get a slice of that rate reduction.

Here’s a list of the representatives who voted to raise your taxes:

    District 3 Representative Cassandra H. Brown

    District 4 Representative Sam Morgan

    District 5 Representative Dr. Michiel Noe

    District 6 Representative Claudia Ordaz Perez

    District 7 Representative Henry Rivera

District 8 Representative Cissy Lizarraga reportedly missed the meeting, though the El Paso Inc. reported that the vote went 6 – 2.

The ordinance was signed by Mayor Dee “Hold the Line on Taxes” Margo.

Of the representatives who voted for the tax increase, only District 6 Rep Claudia Ordaz Perez is up for reelection in November. Dr. Michiel Noe has termed out. The rest of the representatives who support higher taxes won’t face the voters till 2020.

This article was corrected to show that the next election is in 2020, and not 2022.


  1. Fiscal conservatives/Republicans: Dee Margo, Sam Morgan and Michel Noe. Hernandez-Brown and Ordaz-Pérez are a waist of lipstick.

  2. Sam Morgan talked a great talk during election season but he’s shown his true colors since then. He’s as worthless as every Northeast rep who came after Stan Roberts.

  3. I thought Lizarraga is up for re-election this coming November? Because Niland dropped out early….

    Can anyone give clarification? Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading this Blog. About the only one that makes sense.

    1. Representative Lizarraga’s seat comes us for election in November. But she was absent from last week’s City Council meeting, so she didn’t vote to raise our taxes.

      I’m running to be the representative for District 8.

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