A Rose By Any Other Name

Did you see this story in the El Paso Times?

El Paso Electric ratepayers will see a smaller than expected rebate since the city opted to increase a fee that will give its economic development department about $6 million to draw and retain businesses.

Ratepayers were going to see an average of $3 to $4 per month refund on their electric bills beginning later this year due to lower federal corporate tax rates that took effect in January. Ratepayers still will see an overall decrease, but it’s about .90 cents less than what they would have gotten.

“It (the rebate) would have been larger if that fee had not been increased,” said Economic and International Development Director Jessica Herrera.

The City Council on Tuesday approved a 1 percent increase to the fee it charges the utility for access and use of city streets, also known as the Street Rental Charge.

But don’t worry. That “fee” will only affect you if you use electricity. If you live in a cave, you’re fine.

I’m pretty sure that El Pasoans already pay the highest electric rates in the state. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

This is another instance of the City charging a fee that gets passed onto the citizens by a third party. They call it a fee, but it might as well be a tax.

You know, the City might not understand the link between their need for money and their spending habits. If they stop spending our money, they can stop raising taxes.

There was a mayoral candidate who promised to “hold the line” on taxes. Whatever happened to him?

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  1. has anyone explained that bankruptcy starts off in small increments, then BAM, creditors end line of credit? What is the citys FICO score? Please get elected

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