1. Deja vu. ln other words, it’s baseball stadium $ fiasco part duh. However it was refreshing to see many, many 915ers “smarten up” by protesting the higher taxes, higher fees, higher debt, stagnant population growth, stagnant wages, secretive meetings, and limited amount of speaking a citizen has to give at a CC meeting. Yep, they were screaming, and shouting, holding up a bunch of signs. Oh, wait a minute…..they were embracing this delusionalness that a slab of concrete is evil, racist, and just downright be really meanie. Can l ask my fellow 915ers a fav? Can you only act ignorant, delusion, and moronic just 95% of the time?

  2. I have to wonder how trustworthy this is coming from John Stossel. This is a guy who happens to be a hardcore libertarian and who has some odd opinions on global warming. He’s been criticized for distorting facts. Also, Reason TV is heavily influenced by David Koch and supposedly those who write for it have to “obey his dictates”

    Given that, I’m a bit hesitant to believe everything he’s saying without doing more background research.

    Honestly, I can see good and bad to many big projects (both public and private) so it feels like it’s a much more complicated issue than he presents. For example, the City just send out an email for CID patting themselves on the back for, among other things spending millions of dollars to get more parks and more splash parks built even though splash parks serve a relatively small section of the community (arguably a smaller section than served by pools) and they are currently having unexpected issues with giardia in the water.

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