The City of El Paso Is Poorly Managed

I’ve said it before: The City of El Paso is poorly managed, and they can’t stop messing up.

From an El Paso Times article about the parking issues with the new Del Sol facility on the lower west side:

Mark Osborn, an attorney representing Las Palmas in the parking dispute, said several permitting mistakes were made by the city and Las Palmas with the addition project, but, he said, those mistakes have been corrected and all fees paid.

The city mistakenly issued one building permit for the addition and adjacent energy plant together, but it should have required separate building permits for each facility, Osborn said. The energy plant was built on a parking lot, and that voided a city ordinance approved several years ago that gave the hospital permission to use various parking lots for hospital parking as long as all those lots remained for parking. The hospital in December got a new permit for the power plant and paid the required fees, he said.

And on Tuesday, the City Council approved another special permit to allow the hospital to continue to use its surface lots for hospital parking

“Mistakes have been made. People are not perfect,” Osborn said. “We all need to move on and find solutions” and allow the special parking permit to be approved, he said.

We sure are paying a lot to people that make a lot of mistakes.

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  1. Exactly! It is rather ironic when you consider that the City was better managed *before* the decision was made to hire a City “Manager,” isn’t it?

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