It’s Time to Pick Up a New Hobby

Do you know what’s wrong with El Paso?

If you think it’s no population growth, falling real wages, or one of the highest property tax rates in the U.S., you are dead wrong.

Deteriorating public infrastructure? Potholes? A lack of public restrooms?

Nuh uh.

The problem with El Paso is that there aren’t enough leisure activities for the rich.

At least that seems to be the consensus of the El Paso City government. Here’s the latest from El Paso Development News:

The City is on the brink of signing a deal with Topgolf to open a sports entertainment venue in El Paso. City Council will consider approving an incentives agreement at its next meeting.

. . .

Plans may include constructing a three level facility with 102 hitting bays and 11 outfield targets. The building may have 3,000 square feet of event space, a 3,000 square foot rooftop terrace, and a 50 table restaurant.

. . .

The Chapter 380 incentives agreement drafted for Topgolf includes rebates on City property taxes, the City’s portion of sales tax, and some building and planning fees. In all, the package includes over $5 million in incentives.

. . .

Hitting bays are climate controlled for year round play and include seating for a small group, large screen televisions, and a “chef-driven” food and beverage menu.

City Council will consider the incentives agreement at its October 18, 2016, meeting.

What part of the golf club do you think the taxpayers are going to get?

Don’t play golf? Have some cake.


  1. Wow! Allegory in two sentences in a row.

    Were you educated in one of our run down schools?

    Keep up the good work. Please.


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